What does health mean to you? (Steve)

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To have peace of mind by living a healthy. active and fulfilling life.

Most of you know and understand my opinions on maintaining good health. Like you I have also run the gauntlet regarding the more or less “right way” of doing things from a great variety of sources.

Growing up I wasn’t made aware about proper health, it was just a given that my mother would cook good food, that and covering our heads in the rain was about it. We couldn’t eat what is called “junk” food today because with a large family we didn’t have the money to spend on it anyway. My mother was a stay at home mom who did her best to insure that illness beyond the normal childhood diseases were always kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t know anything about the intricacies of digestion. We always had a glass of milk with our meals and it tasted wonderful, especially after a meat meal. We all had a “bloating” problem, although not severe (children can get away with it often), but no one ever questioned the issue. We just lived with it.

As a young adult I made a conscious decision to find out why I had digestive problems and what I could do about it. In those days most people looked to medicine to solve maladies. Discovering at a fairly young age that the problem centered on diluting enzyme support in digestion which meant fermentation and bloating. The choice to eliminate milk with the meal was personal and it worked; it wasn’t easy or convenient but the choice was worth it. In the final analysis that is what most of us can do if we find answers that work.

This event was the beginning of my journey; knowing that there were other choices out there. Choices that were not chemically orientated, but viable nonetheless for most everyday non emergency health problems.

My family never took medication beyond a very infrequent aspirin for fever, we just ate chicken soup! This remedy still works today; my mother was right!

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