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Although I was born and raised in San Francisco, California; I have spent more than 70% of my life in Canada, having moved here in 1973 following 4 years of military service.

My interest in alternative complimentary health practices began in Japan in 1987. An injury during martial arts training at that time opened my eyes to healing that was not drug or invasive surgery related.

I began studying the concept of holistic therapies as applied through oriental acupuncture and shiatsu disciplines. While in Japan I also began to appreciate the elements of a healthy diet lifestyle as well. I spent the better part of the next 5 years researching nutrition, herbs & other healing modalities. I learned during this time being able to choose was precisely our advantage as “humans” & I made the conscious choice to be proactive in the preventing disease approach for the rest of my life.

After returning to Canada, I embarked upon further study and practice by providing help to family, friends and referred clients through alternative applications that I had learned. The 1st of those efforts was a Japanese based form of vision therapy using applied shiatsu principles.

As the 90’s began I was introduced to advanced biofeedback technologies. Essentially a system that provided a viable non-medical method to analyze the underlying potential causes for whatever physical manifestation could be present. I was issued full certification in Europe as practitioner and instructor in 1997; after having established myself as a viable positive alternative to helping many individuals through a variety of health issues with minimal discomfort or delay. For the better part of the past 23 years, I have been able to successfully assist individuals and their families in understanding the true meaning of “taking care of themselves”.

Also how to be accountable and independent of medical intervention, with the exception of emergency services or some preventative testing.

Further more to accomplish sound health objectives by applying age old principles with respect to diet, exercise, and proper stress management.

In 2006 Suzanne & I joined forces to create our company Nature’s Wisdom incorporating Suzanne’s 20+ years background in Homeopathy, nutrition & more recently Thermographic imaging for breast and thyroid/cranial assessment with my above mentioned methodology.

Together we focus primarily on a preventative, proactive perspective and if needed utilize the natural tools available to us to help speed the healing process in the most gentle but efficient way possible.

I hope to continue this profound journey to make a positive difference in the lives of any that I come in contact with. To empower each individual helps others around them to do the same. In the final analysis isn’t that what we all really need?’


Steve Sutherland

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