15/30 minute scheduled consultation

‘We all have questions that come up regarding information we have read, heard about or seen on television.

Who do we speak with to get clarification or answers? Often it may not even be so much a question for each of us; but rather a need to reflect or bounce something off of someone for their view or opinion.

We might ask a family member or friend, or for some talk it over with their Doctor but what if the question is of a nutritional, lifestyle, supplement or preventative measure?

Most visits to the Doctor have to do with treating an illness and getting a medication to treat or moderate symptoms, they may not have the time or the inclination to address these issues.

You could ask individuals in a health food store, but do they know you well enough to give you a personalized answer?

Of course you can also use ‘Google’ but that can be an ‘information minefield’ with hundreds and thousands of varied conclusions, none of which is specific to yourself because they don’t really know anything about your history or personal taste.

Together we have over 45 years in combined experience, as such you can take advantage of our ongoing research regarding a great variety of health concerns. With most of you we have already gathered the data that is specific to you from previous testing or notes.

In the scheduled time allotted you can ‘pick our brains’ on health related topics be it personal or generic; to that we will give you our balanced opinion. If we don’t readily have the answer we will do our utmost to find it for you quickly.

Please note these sessions are not intended to replace the need for periodic testing or traditional medical advice and the monthly time allowance can not be carried forward so don’t ‘sit’ on your questions, ask them!’

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