Suzanne Sutherland CTT LCH FBIH

I grew up in London, England. In my early 20’s I became interested in alternative medicine, which led to my 3 year attendance at the College of Homeopathy, qualifying with a LCT (Licentiate of Homeopathy). Over the following years I was a registered member of the Homeopathic Medical Association www.the-hma.org and the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths www.a-r-h.org. In 2001 I was offered a ‘Fellowship from the British Institute of Homeopathy’ www.bihinternational.com. I’m currently a registered member of the BC Society of Homeopaths www.bcsh.ca. I also was fortunate to… Read more
Suzanne Sutherland CTT LCH FBIH

Steve Sutherland

‘Although I was born and raised in San Francisco, California; I have spent more than 70% of my life in Canada, having moved here in 1973 following 4 years of military service. My interest in alternative complimentary health practices began in Japan in 1987. An injury during martial arts training at that time opened my eyes to healing that was not drug or invasive surgery related. I began studying the concept of holistic therapies as applied through oriental acupuncture and shiatsu disciplines. While in Japan I also began to appreciate the elements of a healthy diet lifestyle as well… Read more
Steve Sutherland

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